Our Charges

Why do Liquid Design Installations have a design fee when some other companies do not?

Many companies only produce concept drawings which fall short of the necessary detail required to install a modern bathroom. Designing and installing a bathroom/wet room is a complicated process, which we believe needs a home survey. This allows us to take accurate, detailed dimensions and obtain your detailed instructions for the design of your project. Our survey examines the existing bathroom, the hot and cold water services and the soil and waste services. Your boiler and hot water storage capacity also play an important part in the selection of suitable equipment, and these need to be carefully considered as part of the overall effectivenes of the project. Installing new equipment on innapropriate or outdated systems, will lead to dissapointment. Using our home survey, design and installation packages will help to ensure you avoid this kind of dissapointment.

Should you choose to appoint Liquid Design Installations to fit your wet room, bathroom or steam room our design fee will be refunded in full.

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